Liam Hale (previously known as Liam Henry Johnsten) is the main male character and protagonist of the Wattpad book A Thousand Years of Romance. He looks 19, but is truly 134. He is the adopted son of Mikael and Belle Hale. 

Early LifeEdit

Born in Mullingar, Ireland, on Friday, April 25, 1879, he lived the life of an educated young child throughout his life. When he and his parents (Justin and Marie Johnsten) visited the Americas, all members caught a case of influenza. Justin and Marie died quickly on return to Ireland. Their son was placed in a hospital to die. That is where Mikael met him, bit him, and adopted him as his vampire son. 


Liam Hale is the fiancee of Amber Summers, as well as the (biological) son of Justin and Marie Johnsten. He is the adoptive son of Dr. Mikael and Genieve Hale and the adoptive brother of Lauren, Edward, Brittany, and Harry.

Amber Summers

Amber Summers is Liam's fiancee. She has had feelings for Liam since the beginning, and keeps referring their relationship to Edward and Bella's. When she finds a chest at the bottom of the pool, her life became different. She is going to marry Liam. 

Dr. Mikael Hale

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Dr. Mikael Hale is the adoptive father of Liam Hale. He often keeps the family in shape by using his gift: bringing people to one location. 

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