Lauren Hale is the adoptive daughter of Mikael Hale and adoptive sister of Liam Hale, Brittany, Harry, and Edward. She feels as though she plays the part of her cousin Rosalie Hale, due to the fact that their stories are similar and they both envy the human: Bella and Amber Summers

Early LifeEdit

Lauren was born in France 1901, to very wealthy and status-addicted parents Maribelle and Nicolas Keller. She was always attending high-class balls and having dinner dates with the King's son. She was soon engaged to the son, and the fact of her being royalty took her over. She no longer was concerned about the education and real love, but instead she was all over her looks and beauty. One night, she was beaten by her fiancee and was left to die. Mikael, drawn to the scent of blood, found her and turned her into a vampire.

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