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Harry Hale is the husband of Brittany Hale. He is the adoptive son of Mikael Hale and Camille Hale and adoptive brother of Brittany, Lauren, and Edward Hale. He is often compared to Jasper, for similar power, last name, and background. He is actually a twin of Jasper, being the older twin by a minute. 

Early LifeEdit

Harry and Jasper Whitlock were majors in the Texas Calvary. When Jasper went off to help ladies return to their side, he never returned. So Harry went after him. He could not find his brother, and was scouting for him. Once, he saw three ladies dragging off his brothers, he went to ask. They turned him, and then he came to the Hales. Mikael turned him kind, but still wonders about Jasper. 

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