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Brittany is the wife of Harry Hale. She is the adoptive daughter of Mikael Hale and Camille Hale and adoptive sister of Liam Hale, Lauren Hale, Edward Hale and Harry. She loves fashion, making her clothes all designer. She was one of the only ones that welcomed Amber when the others shunned her. She often is compared to her cousin Alice, who has similar fashion taste and helpfulness.

Early LifeEdit

Brittany was born into a rich family (Rachel and Jessie Halfwood) during the late 1930s in southern Italy. Her family took a cruise to the America's, with family doctor Mikael Hale. She always felt a strange glare from Mikael as if he was different and she was too. The cruise crashed, leaving Brittany washed up and fatally injured on the shore of now-Florida. Mikael bit her to save her from death. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Her hair is the color of dark chocolate, a pretty brown color. Her once-brown eyes, have now changed to a yellow-topaz color. She has perfect features, just like her cousins in the Cullen Clan. Coming from her biological mother (Rachel Halfwood), she has pale skin, but with her new vampire form, it almost looks white. 


She has a funny personality with a big fashion sense and happy sense. She is always there to help and usually useful due to her power: making people work. She loves her family, but she has always short visions on how to protect herself. She most of the time leaves if there is a fight.