Amber Summers is the main female character and protagonist in the book A Thousand Years of Romance. She has two parents Mark and Racquelle Summers and a sister named Kelly Summers. She is a 17-year-old human who falls in love with vampire Liam Hale, who is currently 134 but looks 18. She lives in small fictitious town of Porca, Michigan.

Early LifeEdit

Amber Summers was born on Monday, February 19, 1996, into Malibu, California, to parents Mark and Racquelle Summers. She had a hard young life, trying desperately to make friends in the short 2 years she had in each city. Finally, returning to hometown Malibu, she becomes best friends with Avery Logan,the local popular girl. Shortly moving later to Porca, Michigan, she finds herself still BFFs with Avery. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has dark brown hair, reaching below her shoulder. Her eyes are brown, the color of milk chocolate. She loves fashion, so she is always in the cutest trends. She is 5'6" and looks like a vampire -- except she does not shine. 


Amber has a